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Invitation to the Cannabis Social Clubs to join the nomination for the
2019 Nobel Peace Prize

As we have chosen to propose for nomination for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize drugs user groups regularly prosecuted in courts, we desire to help present themselves to the world and their judges not as criminals, but as responsible citizens, Nobel nominees, endorsed by legal scholars, philosophers, historians and lawmakers, the judges’ peers.

Each Cannabis Social Club is welcome to the joint candidacy of the Cannabis Social Clubs and will be included in the list of nominees established for nomination upon written acceptance. The letter of acceptance by the board of the CSC should preferably be written on official paper of the CSC and feature the Club logo. The acceptance (scan of it) can be send to

The candidates are nominated by personalities deemed worthy by Alfred Nobel to judge the joint contribution towards peace they have made.
The Drugs Peace Institute therefore must ascertain to the members of the Committee of Recommendation and to the nominators that all the CSCs included in the list of nominees do meet the established criteria. It is therefore understood that with your acceptance of the nomination you confirm your adherence to the Code of Conduct and to the 5 principles set forth by ENCOD:
   supply follows demand
   healthy use and
   openness to dialogue with the authorities

Since most Cannabis Social Clubs are confronted with strong opposition from government authorities from the moment they publicly express themselves, not all clubs will be properly inscribed in the public registers. Some clubs are permanently kept waiting and other clubs were stripped of their legal status by administrations or court judgments. The legal status of a Cannabis Social Club is therefore not a criterium for inclusion in the list of the joint candidacy.

For optimal transparency the DPI would appreciate to learn about your affiliation with federations or other groups of CSCs.