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Clubs included in the Cannabis Social Club candidacy for
the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize nomination*

ARSEC, CSC avant-la-lettre, Barcelona, Spain


Trekt Uw Plant (TUP), Antwerp, first Cannabis Social Club in Belgium, established in 2006 by
Joep Oomen
Board: Els  Vermeesch, president, Manu Moreau, member

Tire ton Plant asbl, club social cannabique, Brussels, Belgium
Board: Xavier Coppens, president

Cannabis Social Club Gent vzw, Ghent, Belgium
Board: Glenn Bouckaert, president

Mambo Social Club vzw, Hasselt, Belgium
Board: Michel Degens, president

Sativa asbl, Cannabis Social Club de Namur, Belgium
Board: David Sinte, president

Netherlands, The

De Veteraan, CSC-Maastricht
Board: Bart Lenaerts, Chairman

Philippines, The

CSC Leila de Lima, Filipino Cannabis Social Club in exile
Board: XX, president and Adriaan Bronkhorst, secretary


Club de Catadores de Cannabis, first Cannabis Social Club
Established in Barcelona, in 2001, its first president was Joaquin Blasco.
In 2005 the social seat of the Club was moved 60 km inland to Osona county, first to the town of Vic, then to the municipality of L'Esquirol and then back again to Vic, where it has been registered and remained since 2010
Board: Jaime Prats, president

Pannagh Asociación de Usuarios/as de Cannabis, Bilbao
Board: Martin Barriuso

* Provisional list, to be updated regularly