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Foundation, registered in 1994 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, under the official name International Institute for Resource-sharing on Drugs and Human Rights.

1993-95 Coordination of the campaigns for the nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize for Drugs Pacifists,
- in 1993 of the Bolivian anthropologist Mauricio Mamani Pocoaca, of the Canadian professor in criminology Marie-Andree Bertrand and of Arnold S. Trebach, president of the Drugs Policy Foundation of the US,
- in 1994 of the Bolivian coca farmers union leader Evo Morales Ayma, and
- in 1995 of the Bolivian coca farmers union leader Evo Morales Ayma, of the director of the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum of Amsterdam, Dutchman Ben Dronkers, and of English medical doctor John Marks.

1993 Co-founding member of the European Coalition for Just and Effective Drugs Poloicies, ENCOD

1994 Co-founding member of the Dutch Cannabis Consumers Association.

1994 Organization in Amsterdam of the first meeting of European cannabis consumer associations..

1995 Participation in Bolivia and in Europe of the Coca ’95 campaign.

1995-96 Opening of the Drugs Peace House in Amsterdam, locale for international meetings of anti-prohibitionist activists, consumers of prohibited substances and politicians.

1995-96 Organization of the financing for radio transmission and transport equipment for the coca farmers of the Six Federations of the Tropics of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

1997-99 Participation on the board of the ICDP (International Commission on Drugs Policy.

2002-10 Publication of the web page www.evomorales.org

2006 Ongoing support of the traditional coca farmers of the Yungas de Vandiola region, in the Bolivian Cochabamba Department, since their persecution by the national govenment started in September of this year.

2008 Emission of a series of 10 postage stamps about uses and methods of distribution of hemp and marihuana, under a programme of the Dutch national Postoffice.
Emission of a series of 10 stamps, under a programme of the Dutch national Postoffice, about the coca leaf, its cultivation and uses in Bolivia.

2009 Publication of the Entheogeen Manifest on the occasion of the fivehundreth birthday of protestant reformer John Calvin. Emission of a series of 12 stamps with a presentation in the Dutch Reformed Church in Amsterdam.